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Get solutions to prevent slips in the wet areas of your bathroom with the right underfoot solution. Click to know more about antimicrobial slip resistant system!

I think we all agree that baths and showers can be dangerous areas, just by the nature of the slippery surface they have from the manufacturing process. Now how many other dangerous surfaces can you think of where we actually go and make them even more dangerous by adding water, then some soap and sometimes even oils? None we would say. In fact we would add to that statement  and say it almost borders on madness really; doesn’t it?

We at Sanitaal have recognised this fact for nearly 20 years. During that time we have strived to introduce a system that can greatly reduce slips happening; a system that offers 365 day 24 hour hygiene; a system that can greatly improve the aesthetics, a system that can restore the surface where damage may lie and a system that can be easily installed.

A certified system that has been trusted in the hotel industry for many years. Reducing slips, improving grip and more importantly today, increased hygiene.

Stay Safe. The team


Revitalising baths and showers to take bathing and showering to the next level of safety and hygiene.


To make the world a safer place for all. A place where the simple things in life such as bathing or showering are the best they can be.